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    K-na Logo

    ‘Hi, I’m K-na, one of the world’s most advanced female humanoid robots’.

    Introducing K-na a unique robot designed and developed in-house by Cyberstein Robots. Brimming with cutting-edge technology, K-na will bring exhibition stands to life and be able to effortlessly converse live with your delegates and deliver vibrant speeches to awestruck audiences.

    After almost four years of development K-na is currently undergoing final trials and will be available for bookings in 2022.


    K-na is currently undergoing final trials and will be available for bookings in 2022. If you want to keep up with her progress and would like to be among the first to know when she is available to book please click the sign up for updates box above.


    K-na has been designed utilising the latest in 3D modelling and built using customised 3D printing technology. Coded in house using Python, C/C++, HTML and C#. K-na’s speech and movements are infinitely customisable for your event including….

    Trade shows & Exhibitions
    K-na will interact with delegates and act like a magnet for a clients PR, marketing and social media.

    Corporate events
    An entertaining way to meet and greet clients and to communicate your corporate message to clients.

    Corporate Speaker
    Delivering a keynote speech or interacting in real time with a moderator, to deliver killer corporate presentations.

    Science and STEM Festivals

    Spark the imagination of students with a unique vision into the future of technology, robotics and A.I. with K-na: The Kinetic, Neurological Android.

    Speak to our experienced team to see what K-na can bring to your event.

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