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    Sci-Fi Conventions

    Titan the Robot meets a Dr Who cosplay character.

    Captivate audiences with a sci-fi influenced show that adds to the world of fantasy at comic, gaming and cosplay conventions. Titan the Robot, Brutus and K-na are literally made for Sci-Fi events and will always cause a massive furore wherever they appear.

    At pervious Sci-fi festivals Titan has appeared alongside big names such as Brian Blessed and Craig Charles and caused absolute chaos in the process.

    Top: Titan the Robot likes to show off.   

    Right: Titan has Titan the Robot meets Dr Who.

    Titan the Robot appears on TV tonight.

    Recently Cyberstein have created their own sci-fi mini series called Lonely Robots in Space that was launched on You Tube. This features the incredible Brutus and his sidekick Higgins stuck in the Earth’s orbit in a rented spaceship. Both Brutus and K-na are available for books for sci-fi conventions. 

    Left: In the future with Titan the Robot.